The Episode's title card.

 *this is a verison of J2S' The Big Drip so don't complain I stole the plot*

PEEware is Season 1 Episode 10 of Neve's World.



Neve goes to the park with Ellie, Amy, Abby, Danielle and Demi. They soon get there and have fun in the play area and climbing trees. They don't notice how fun it is that, well, until they soon have to pee. They notice that the unisex toilet is out of order, and the home toilet is broke, so they can't go. Christopher Neild, Gree Guy and Elipick11, the "Fatty Crew' complain how boys can go outside only. The girls begin to get furious with them and start fighting. They notice an hour later they badly have to go, very badly. They sat with their legs crossed all day, but Abby, on her phone, buys a pair of 6 potties for the girls, however they don't arrive until tommorrow. Stupid Andrew Grindly goes in while the girls hide, and they watch him peeing. This makes the girls have an idea. They dig up the soil to make 6 holes, then they go in them. Soon the boys and girls notice and fill up guns with their pee and prank the "Fatty Crew (Stupid Andrew Grindly joins it at some point but you don't see it in the episode). Then the girls and good boys finally release the pee from the water guns and Gree Guy tastes it, and the girls say "Take that Gree Guy!" The episode ends with the fixed toilet at Neve's Home and they go to sleep peacefully at their sleepover. (Then the rain comes on and a skunk comes up to the window and says "Pee!")

Tokuruko "Potty trained Ninja"Edit

Tokuruko goes to a train station (On the ScotRail service in Neve's World, you don't need a ticket if you are a ninja) she holds her card in front of the scanner but it says "invalid: not potty trained" She does it 10 more times and on the 12th time, it works.